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To All Whitmore Family Researchers,

My name is Charles Whitmore, for as long as I can remember I have been interested in collecting and compiling historical information about my ancestors. The internet has helped this effort considerably and I have found that there are many out there who share my interest. My hope is that all who are interested in researching the extensive history of the Whitmore family may benefit by working together.

To help this process I have created this website and acquired a large amount of web space in hopes of gathering all of the information I possibly can into on location on the internet. In my research I often find myself frustrated by broken links and information that is no longer available to help solve this I am offering free web space to anyone who would like to display their Whitmore family website.

I know that there are many variations of the Whitmore name and that there are several different families that share the name. I will not discriminate, anyone wishing to post a site regarding the history of any family baring the name Whitmore or one of its variations is welcome here.

The Details:

  • I am offering web space with no set limit on space, though I do ask that those using the space do not abuse it. Each user will have their own FTP account to upload and change pages at will.
  • This web site and all of those hosted here will remain online indefinitely, I don't plan on going anywhere and neither does my site.
  • I will never ask for money from anyone using this web space, I'm not trying to make a profit here. (So, whats in it for me? I would love to say that I'm just a nice guy, but the truth is I want to create a centralized location for this information to help with my research and the research of others.)
  • I do maintain the right to remove anything that is inappropriate or does not work toward the goals of this site, though I don't really think I will have to do this, all of the individuals I have met during my research have been nothing but helpful and considerate.

If you currently maintain a website and you have no interest in moving it to a different server please contact me anyway so that I can link your site here.

If you do wish to move your website to my server or have any questions regarding the web space or specifications of the web servers please feel free to contact me. I monitor my email very closely and will respond as quickly as possible.

If you wish to become a part of my mailing list to receive updates on this site and new information please visit the contact page.

If you have any documents, photographs, or any other type of original material I would be very interested in offering you a secure place to store a digital copy of it. Please contact me and let me know. If you require any assistance in scanning your materials I will gladly assist.

Thanks for your time,

Charles A. Whitmore

P.S. If you are wondering where my own site is, fear not it is in production and will be up as soon as I complete it.

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